Occupy: Los Angeles Day One 10/1/11

After hearing that Occupy: Los Angeles would be a reality, I knew there was no way I could not be present for the first day. It has been a long time coming that I have wished for a protest this meaningful and with the potential to create so much change and the thirst for more knowledge by human-beings all across the globe. Not only was I there to represent myself being of the 99%, to be there for all those that wanted to and couldn’t, but also to document it and spread the photos as far and wide as I possibly could.

The first day went beautifully and without incident. Police presence was almost non-existent and all participants were left on their own accord to do what they wished.

This is just the beginning…

We are the majority; the 99%.

If anyone would like any or all of these images in full, hi-res, please email me at info@batesimaging.com.


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