Occupation: Los Angeles—Eviction Imminent

Based on Mayor Villaraigosa’s press conference, Occupation Los Angeles, if continued to occupy city hall past 12:01AM on 11/29/11, would become an illegal assembly.

That night no raid happened. But rumors flowed through the camp and people were unsure. Tension ran high. What, perhaps, came as a shock to other occupiers, was the sheer number of people that came to General Assembly that night, and stayed throughout the early hours of the morning in support. 1st street, from Main to Broadway, was overrun by occupiers. Police set up a perimeter, although their numbers were small, and they technically only had half of a perimeter enacted (only three immediate corners of the perimeter had been blocked off). Anyone could access city hall if so desired.

These are photos of the day leading up to and the actual day the encampment became “illegal.”


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